Terms for bus uses:

Dear St. Fatima School Parents,


Please be informed that the safety of your son and daughter’s is our utmost priority. Needless to say, we all need to be reminded of our school bus rules and guidelines to secure our students’ wellbeing during their journey to and from the school.


The school has now set a designated hotline number for all parents or guardians wanting any information, immediate updates or even to share concerns. The contact number is 0226337951 or 01063345311  This number is operational during and after school hours for any emergency until 6:00pm.


Every student will respect all school staff members including the bus drivers, bus matrons, and other students sharing the bus.

Physical or verbal abuse (bullying) of any type or form inside the bus will not be tolerated.

Each student is required to remain seated and must fasten their seatbelt throughout the bus journey.

Every student is required to respect the bus pick up time - the bus will not be able to wait.

According to the initial bus forms filled by the parents or guardians – drop off and pick up locations will be followed. School buses will not accommodate any address changes.. 

Parents or guardians will report any concern directly to the designated school contact

Parents and guardians are not allowed to get onto the bus

Parents or guardians are to set an example by showing respect to school staff members and any set rules given by the administration

There will be no direct contact with the bus drivers and matrons – parents or guardians will contact the designated school contact for any on the updates on their children.


We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that each parent must cooperate with the school to ensure the safety of our students, your children.  Unfortunately bus bans will be applied if in any way these rules are broken.  


We would like to highlight once again that there will be no direct contact with bus drivers and bus matrons under any circumstances. Please use the provided contact number as mentioned above.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated


Best Regards,



School Administration

I Agree